Both SURGE and SONBURST need mature Christian applicants who have a significant and active relationship with the Lord. Applicants need to have a solid prayer and devotional life in order to effectively minister to children and youth at camp. This application is for both SURGE and SONBURST programs. You will be placed in the program that best suits your age, experience, abilities and the personnel needs of the two programs.

Applications and reference forms are due June 1st. Applications may be submitted after this date but priority will given to those that have paperwork in by that date.
Counselor Training will take place at Warm Beach Bible Camp’s Maple Center beginning the Sunday before camp at 7pm and go until campers arrive on Tuesday. 

Applicants should download and print the following forms. 




how to Apply

1. Completely read and fill out the application, and code of conduct found above.

2. You will need to have two references using the provided form. The first MUST be submitted by your pastor, youth pastor or youth worker. This is absolutely required! The second one should be submitted by a Christian friend or mentor. It is your job to make sure references are filled out on your behalf. You will not be considered without a pastoral reference and priority will be given to those with two.

3. Submit the completed paperwork in one of the following ways:

  1. Email with your name and the word “application” in the subject line
  2. Mail it to -  Maple Park Church, 17620 60th Ave W, Lynnwood, WA 98037

There is a $35 dollar fee for counseling in the Surge or Sonburst program. If accepted, register online at June 9th or you may be replaced. Register as, "Deposit only", with $35.00 payment by credit or debit card.