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January 20, 2016

Dear Campers and Supporters,

I write again on behalf of the board of the PRN Family Bible Camp, to both thank our supporters and to make an additional plea for financial support from both individuals and congregations in our region.

Tremendous response brings Bible Camp fund to the positive!

As of the date of this letter, we have received $6,800.29 in donations, bringing our camp fund to a positive balance of $2,798. We are grateful for your support and hesitate to ask for additional funds, but the truth is that there are many start-up costs for the Bible Camp ministry and we do not currently have the funds necessary to pay all those costs.

Our goal is to raise an additional $2,500 to ensure that we have the resources necessary to make Bible Camp 2016 a great success.

While we would gladly receive additional gifts from individuals, we are writing to request that you bring our need to your church boards and ask that they prayerfully consider adding Bible Camp to the church monthly budget or give a special one-time gift to help meet our need.

Gifts can be made online or by mail:

use your debit or visa card at www.BibleCampRocks.com

or mail a check to CLB – PRN Bible Camp
P.O. Box 655, Fergus Falls, MN 56538-0655

Regular, ongoing support of the ministry by several churches would not only help position us for a great camp in 2016, but it would also bring long term financial health to Bible Camp and ensure its continued existence for years to come.

Thank you for your support and action in response to this special request. We know that our supporters have a deep love of and appreciation for Bible Camp. We need you to express that to your congregation and church leaders and encourage them to financially support Bible Camp.

Scholarships bring new families to camp

In addition to our need for immediate funds, we also want to take this opportunity to encourage congregations to create and facilitate scholarship programs within their church to help families experience camp. Board member, Warren Hall, along with Pastor Brandon Pangman, have challenged our congregations and supporters to bring 20 new first-time families to Bible Camp this year. We believe this will only be possible through scholarships created, funded and administered by local congregations.

Together, we can continue to see God use Bible Camp to bring hope to families and youth in our region.


Chris Leingang
Director, PRN Family Bible Camp




Bible Camp 2016


6/28 - 7/3

Welcome to BibleCampRocks.com, website of the Lutheran Brethren Pacific-North Bible Camp. Whether you like to camp or stay in a lodge, Bible Camp is a great place to spend a week of your summer. It is held at Warm Beach Camp and Conference Center in Stanwood, Washington during the last week of June each year.

The whole family is encouraged to take advantage of this time away from everyday life to experience God at camp. There are fun activities for all ages, including the SONrise (age 4-3rd grade), SURGE for 4th-6th grades, SONBURST for 7th-12th+, and a vibrant adult program.