Camp News

Camp News 

BC 2018

Brad Hoganson is announced as the 2019 Speaker

The Bible Camp Board expands to 10 members:

  •   Holli Erdahl
  •   Paul Fauquet
  •   Kathy Forbes
  •   Kari Hunter
  •   Adam Jensen
  •   Alan Johnson
  •   Ken Nielsen       
  •  Erin Sibuma
  •   Dave Sjoding
  •   Tyler Somers

Non-voting members:

  •   Dean Loken, treasurer
  •   Phil Heiser, regional pastor

Sept 2015

Dear Campers and Supporters,

I am writing on behalf of the board of the PRN Family Bible Camp. This is not an easy letter for me to write because the purpose of the letter is to inform you of a significant financial shortfall that has occurred and to ask for help.

Bible Camp ended this year with a negative balance of $5,000.

As with most everything in our daily lives, the cost to run Bible Camp has risen significantly over the past several years. Despite this, the Board has made only minimal increases in the cost of attending camp each year. One way we have accomplished this has been by depending more upon the evening offerings to cover the difference between our costs and our registration fees. For many years God has faithfully met our need through the generous giving of our campers and supporters.

Unfortunately, this year, our offerings were significantly less than our need. This may be due to the fact that we did not clearly communicate the need to you, and so this letter is sent in the hopes that God will move individuals and congregations to make immediate contributions toward our shortfall.

Would you please consider making a special one-time gift right now?
Contributions can be made online at

or by making a check out to
CLB – PRN Bible Camp and mailing it to
P.O. Box 655, Fergus Falls, MN 56538-0655

We also acknowledge that our financial shortfall is partially due to falling enrollment at camp. Therefore, in addition to the immediate need of camp, we also want to encourage congregations to promote and utilize scholarship programs to assist in making camp more affordable for families and youth in need. Now may also be the time to encourage your church to include Bible Camp in your annual budget.  Regular support of the ministry by several churches would help bring long term financial health to Bible Camp and ensure its continued existence for years to come.

Bible Camp has been a rich blessing to campers for over 60 years. Let us pray together a prayer of thanksgiving for the many untold souls that have come to faith in Christ as a result of this important ministry and let us pray that God would preserve Bible Camp and enable it to continue to be a place where salvation and spiritual renewal are experienced for generations to come.



Chris Leingang
Director, PRN Family Bible Camp

June 2014


    • Bible Camp Elections Results: Kathy Forbes, Chris Leingang and Warren Hall were elected to serve 3 year terms.
    • Proposed Contitutional change was read. The proposed change would alter Article VI by adding the words SEEK TO, so that it would read,

      Article VI       Annual meeting

      The Annual Meeting shall be held during the Bible Camp week, the time to be designated by the executive committee. A Nominating Committee, selected by the Board shall seek to submit a double slate of candidates. Those voting shall be members of Region Churches, and shall be at least 18 years of age.

    • Kirk Militzer is announced as the Main Speaker for Bible Camp 2015.
    • Churches were encouraged to support Bible Camp through direct giving and through Scholarship drives, especially for youth and families.
    • Churches were encouraged to send their Pastor and his family to Bible Camp, not as a week of vacation, but as a week of special ministry.


September 2013

    • The first Board meeting for Bible Camp 2014 will be held on Saturday, September 28 at Maple Park in Lynnwood, WA. The meeting begins at 9:00 am and all are welcome to attend. The agenda includes internal board elections, reviewing BC2013, and promotion of 2014.

July 2013

    • Though the numbers were down, the spirit was moving in powerful ways at BC13. Many, many came forward each night during camp.
    • Bible Camp Board was commissioned at BC2013 - all incumbents were reelected and are listed on the right panel of this webpage.
    • The final offering received at camp was over $6,000. We believe it to be a miraculous provision and a great show of support of the ministry.
    • Warm beach graciously allowed us to pay based on actual numbers, not contract number. That resulted in a significant reduction of our bill - and us ending Bible Camp 2013 IN THE BLACK! Thanks be to God!
    • Pastor Dave Foss (Bethel LBC in Fergus Falls, MN) was announced as the main speaker for Bible Camp 2014.
    • I'm told that 1 kid in a cabin = $5 per week. Start saving now to minimize the financial impact of camp on your family! If your church doesn't have a saving/stamp plan most banks do that will automatically transfer money for you.

June 2013

    • Art England is appointed to the board after Jason Christopherson resigns
    • Pacific Region North will be hosting the Biennial meeting during Camp on Saturday. In addition to hearing about the Regional ministries and voting on a 2-year budget in the morning, there will be several excellent seminars offered on Saturday afternoon. The schedule is available HERE.
    • The national Women's Ministry Convention will be held concurrently with Family Bible Camp. Watch their website for news and information.

July 2012

    • Bible Camp 2012 was a great week of teaching, worship, fellowship and fun! Thanks to all the counselors, teachers and staff for your hard work and commitment to making Bible Camp a great week!
    • The next Bible Camp board meeting will be September 15 at Hope in Everett.
    • Please turn in questionnaires ASAP!
    • Be praying for our main speaker in 2013: Shawn Bowman of Jamestown, ND.

March 2012

    • Brochures for Bible Camp 2012 will be available at the Leadership Retreat - March 11.
    • Online Registration is here!
      Check out the Registration Page for details!
      Why wait? Register now!
    • 20-Somethings has become CROSSROADS and will be experiences some exciting changes this year!
      Contact Elise Birdsong for more information!
    • 2012 marks 50 Years of camp at Warm Beach; what a testimony of God's faithfulness!
      Join us for a special celebration on Saturday evening

January 2012

The board is excited to announce that Online Registration will be available THIS YEAR!!
In addition to registering online, campers will also be able to pay their camp bill online.

Watch for details in early March!

July 2011

Election results are in!

The following three people were elected to 3 year terms:

    • Kathy Forbes
    • Chris Leingang
    • Clayton Robison

Camp Finances
While this year's camp was a great success in terms of speakers and fellowship, our offerings were smaller that usual and left us in a bit of a financial bind. We depend upon the support of our campers and others who have a love the ministry of Bible Camp to meet our financial obligations each year. Now we need your help!

1.) Please consider making a special gift to Bible Camp!
One time and regular monthly gifts are both truly appreciated and necessary.

2.) Suggest making Bible Camp a part of your congregations regular monthly budget.
Even a small amount given each month adds up over the course of a year.