High-energy and fun are typical in the SONBURST program for 7th-12th+ graders. The campers stay in cabins with counselors and have a blast with the often ridiculously fun activities dreamed up by each year’s staff.

❖ Bring spending money if you would like, but keep any excessive amounts of money or valuables locked at the registration desk.

❖ What to Bring

        • Bible, Notebook & Pen

        • Sleeping Bag & Pillow

        • Towels for showering & swimming

        • Shower shoes and other toiletries to stay clean

        • Toothbrush & Toothpaste

        • Clothes for 6 days – including warm sweatshirt/jacket for evening campfire (see below for restrictions)

        • Swimsuit (see below for restrictions)

        • Necessary Medications (to be administered by the Camp Nurse)

        • Flashlight

        • Spending money (for snacks and fee activities such as the climbing tower)

Leave all electronic devices at home. (Including cell phones, personal music players, etc.)

No alcohol, tobacco, drugs, weapons, or fireworks.

❖ What NOT to wear at camp:

        • Shorts or skirts shorter than the tip of your pinky finger (including athletic attire)

        • Speedos or Two Piece Bikinis

        • Bare feet

        • Clothing that exposes midriffs

        • Shirts with low neck lines

        • Any clothing that exposes undergarments


No mischievous raiding! “Love Raiding” is okay but must be coordinated between counselors.

No super soakers or water balloons except during the afternoon free time. No exceptions!

No shaving cream or misuse of any other item that can hurt people’s possessions or camp property.

No cars! Campers with cars will NOT use them. They are to be parked out of the way and never used. Campers can not leave camp without head counselor approval.

(Camper rules are set up by: the Warm Beach Staff, the Bible Camp Board and your Sonburst Leadership Team. Non-cooperation in any of these areas will be reason enough for dismissal from camp.